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Insoles Align Footwear


Align Footwear insoles for women:

  • Sizes from 1,5-2 to 9-9,5.
  • The price is for a pair of insoles.

We wish for you to benefit as much as possible from using Align Footwear insoles – therefore, we want to present to you a small guidance in how to use the insoles in the best possible way:

What to do:

  • First exchange your existing insoles with the Align Footwear insoles.
  • Please check out that the Align Footwear insoles fit perfectly into your shoes – the insole has to fill up the shoe from toe to heel. If this is not the case, please contact us and ask for the correct size. It is very important that you use the correct Align Footwear insoles.
  • The Align Footwear insoles may be used in all your footwear in which the existing insoles can be removed or if there is some extra space so that the Align Footwear insoles can fit in.
  • We recommend you to remove e.g. an existing soft insole even though you may find enough space to leave it in order for you to obtain the correct and perfect effect of the Align Footwear insoles.
  • The Align Footwear insoles have to be used in both the left as well as the right shoe – this also applies in case you do not pronate or supinate with one of your feet.
  • We will recommend you to wear the Align Footwear insoles only 4-5 hours the first day and then continue with 5-6 hours the next day, 6-7 on the third day etc.

Do you pronate or supinate a lot, or have you ever broken or experienced inflammation in your leg etc; you might experience the following when you start using the Align Footwear insoles:

  • Heat calf muscles, or the feeling that heat is spreading up the leg.
  • Cramp in your legs and feet during the first days of use.
  • Sore feet.

Size guide

Sizes for women
Europe 34 35 36/37 37/38 39 40 41/42 42/43 44
USA 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
UK 1,5 – 2 2,5 – 3 3,5 – 4 4,5 – 5 5,5 – 6 6,5 -7 7,5 – 8 8,5 – 9 9 – 9,5
CM 22 22,5 23,5 24 25 26 27 27,5 28,5




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