Testimonials from very happy customers

World-patented Align Footwear insoles work wherever you walk, run or jump – Buy Align Footwear insoles here

Align Footwear visits Associate Professor of Anatomy, Lars Dalhoff

Align Footwear insoles are working in the direction of something really positive for really many people all over the world. I do believe – based on my experience and competences - that these insoles might be the end of heel spurs, sciatic pain, supination and pronation.

Jørgen Andersen, a Danish truck driver

In the afternoon of this very same Monday, I experienced less pain in my knees and back!

The 825 km Camino Pilgrimage – wearing Align Footwear insoles in his boots!

Completed the Spanish pilgrimage, the Camino, with insoles from Align Footwear in his boots every step of the way, i.e. 825 kilometres ....

Vagnie Kristensen – I may soon wear a dress again

The Align Footwear insoles have given Vagnie completely new opportunities: “With these insoles, I can now walk up to 10 km without any breaks. So it is total freedom for me!”

Tove is back on her feet…

Even in her summer sandals, the pensioner Tove Nedergaard finds enough space to insert the insoles from Align Footwear. She has even been starting up her daily exercise again ...

Julie Jensen: painless support for a national team player’s sore knee!

Many years of daily training and matches in both clubs and on the Danish National team have already worn out her knees at a young age…. injuries, which the Align Footwear insoles help to relieve….

Meet Alexander – a young football player

An active football playing boy with sore knees - NO THANKS!

Jumper’s knee failed to bring Lonni to her knees!

Her friends often ask: “Do you find time to do anything else but running?” However, for a long time, Jumper’s  knee made it impossible for her to enjoy running events, etc. 45-year-old Lonni has undergone all kinds of treatments, all of them, unfortunately, without positive results. The pain in her knee was intense and Lonni […]

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